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PGA Master Professional

There are less than 400 Master Professionals out of 20,000+ PGA Professionals.

Meet Head Coach Bill Baraban

From a competitive player to a PGA Master Professional, Bill’s experience has been the basis of instruction for the top amateurs in Georgia as well as professionals from the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and

  • Over 30 years experience in Golf Instruction and Club Fitting

  • PGA Master Professional

  • Master Club Fitter

  • Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter

  • Top 100 International Club Fitter

  • PGA Section Teacher of the Year

  • PGA Section Horton Smith Award Winner for PGA Education

  • Former Director of Golf – The Standard Club – Johns Creek

  • Former Director of Instruction – PGA Tour Superstores

Playing Experience

  • Held 3 course records of 64

  • PGA Tour School Qualifying 7 Times

  • 2nd Place Iowa Open

  • 3rd Place North Dakota Open

  • Winner PGA Section Match Play Championship

  • Twice Runner-up PGA Section Match Play Championship

  • Twice NJCAA Region Champions


Baraban’s Golf is recognized both nationally and locally as providing top level instruction and club fitting.


“If you need golf lessons, then look no further! Bill Baraban is simply good at what he does and teaches the golf swing in a way that is easily understood. After only a few lessons and some practice in between my newly learned swing mechanics are paying off! I couldn’t ask for more!”

Coach A.

“Bill is thorough in his approach to coach and fitting. He’s not simply out to sell you the most expensive clubs on the market like some of the other fitters in the Atlanta area.”

Kevin F.

“Bill fitted me for my new irons in July 2019, and I have dropped 3 strokes based on his great fitting session w/his knowledge of fitting and the Cool Clubs brand. If there is anyone in need of getting new clubs and/or fitting, I would seek his academy and expertise.”

Chris G.

“I have been working with Bill for several years he is an expert club fitter and teaching pro. During the fitting process he basically gives you a lesson to fine tune your swing to get the best results which for me has translated into better scores and a much more consistent overall game. I highly recommend!”

Patrick F.

“I got my clubs in today and I got to play a quick nine. I am so excited to finally get these in! The build quality is perfect, they feel incredible off the face, and their performance is right on target!!!”

Josh C.

“A scoring focus approach netted some better scores (who’d have thought?!)…. Recording my new personal low, 76!”

John D.

“Love this guy. I had an okay swing but definitely had some serious problems. After just two lessons I’m just loving golf. Highly recommend this Bill..”

Joshua J.

“Wow, I’m really glad I found this facility. Bill really knows his stuff.  I think he may be a mad scientist; they have a lot of technology to work with and he is very detail oriented. ”

David K.

“Bill’s a phenomenal club fitter with a full service shop to fit loft and lie, flex and length. I’ve worked with Bill for at least three years and can tell you undoubtedly he’s the best.”

Tom D.

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Baraban’s Golf works with the very best in the industry to ensure the widest selection of club components. From beginning players to seasoned pros we have the right club to help improve your game.