Do you have swing challenges or need a club fitting?

At Baraban’s Academy ForeGolf we take anything But a cookie cutter approach to the golf swing.  Our Clients range from 6 years old to 88 years young!  So that brings a variety of different swings, club speed, experiences and goals; which means a single approach is probably not going to be effective in helping all of those clients.

With over 30+ years of teaching and club fitting experience, we help our students improve by using whichever means that allow them to be themselves and still greatly improve their scores!

Drills and training aids, from extremely low tech to very hi-tech, are employed to help achieve improved movement, contact, etc.  Whether using a golf towel or a Trackman to help provide a clear picture forward to our customers, the end goal is the same…..more enjoyment on the golf course!

We have packages of 2, 4, 6 or 8 lessons for adults and single lesson and 8 lesson packages for juniors.  Golf instruction sessions are approximately 50 minutes long and we use Trackman data, Trackman Simulators and V1 Video software during our sessions.  These technologies allow us to present information in a variety of ways so that all learning styles are getting attention.  We even have Annual Packages for juniors and adults as well as a Premier Improvement Package that includes all of the club fitting modules.


Lesson Plans for Adults

Although we have clients that play PGA, LPGA, and on other professional tours that come to us for instruction and club fitting, a very small percentage of our clients are professionals.  Given that diversity in age, abilities and goals, at Baraban’s Academy ForeGolf we need to be able to adjust our instruction so that it fits YOUR needs and goals.

We offer instruction packages that are tailored to each client’s wants and needs.  Our lessons include use of Trackman technology, V1 Video software and a variety of training aids to help our students achieve their personal goals.  While there are some broad mechanics and positions that are inherent in Tour players, not everyone has the time, energy or strength to perfectly fit into those positions.  At our Academy, we are always searching out and learning new ways to communicate and adjust our instruction to our student’s range of motion.  Speed check drills and strength training aids are also incorporated into our instruction to help our players achieve their best potential.

Packages that include 2, 4, 6 or 8 (50) minute lessons are offered to provide a variety of options for our clients.  We also have an Annual Package, that allows for weekly lessons and two 9 hole playing lessons.  For those players who are looking to combine their instruction with a club fitting package, we do that as well!

Lesson Plans for JUNIORS 17 and under

All of our lessons are individual private sessions.  With the technology we use and the importance placed on accelerating improvement, we find that this approach is in the best interest of our clients, including juniors.

While some of our juniors are just beginning their golfing careers, all of our juniors have a desire to play their best.  Whether playing with their families, high school teams, junior golf events or looking towards college golf, they want to enhance their skills in playing golf.  With that in mind we do offer a single lesson for juniors but, most all of our juniors benefit more from consistent and focused instruction.

Our junior packages are 8 (50) minutes lesson package, or an Annual package.  We do have a few of our younger juniors who opt for a 12 (30) minute lesson package, but regardless of which package they opt for, our commitment to your junior golfer’s long-term goals receives our best expertise!

Annual Performance Packages

For those who are committed to reaching their top potential, we offer an Annual Package.  This includes weekly instruction sessions, two (9) hole playing lessons and access to our proprietary Cool Clubs fitting technology.

For our tournament ready juniors, we also make on course observations at some of their events during the season.  From putting to driving and everything in between, we make certain that all facets of YOUR improvement is addressed!


“Bill, really enjoyed lesson and our golf discussion.  Over my life, I have had quite a few lessons, and I am cautiously optimistic that you are the first person to properly diagnose the cause of my problems and actually have some solutions — I look forward to seeing if things get better.  I think they will. ”


“Bill, great lesson today. Just finished a bucket at the range and really helped off the tee. Can wait to play and practice this week and see if it can transition to the course as well.”


“A scoring focus approach netted some better scores (who’d have thought?!)…. Recording my new personal low, 76!”

John D.

“I got my clubs in today and I got to play a quick nine. I am so excited to finally get these in! The build quality is perfect, they feel incredible off the face, and their performance is right on target!!!”

Josh C.

“Hi Bill…Had a good round today!  Shot 1 over today and came 3rd overall.  Rohan was 1 shot away from a 3 way tie  for 1st – missed a 5 foot birdie putt on 18.  With a birdie on 18 he would have still come 3rd due to 3 way score card playoff.  All in all a great weekend…thanks for your help and advice as always!!! ⛳️”


“If you need golf lessons, then look no further! Bill Baraban is simply good at what he does and teaches the golf swing in a way that is easily understood. After only a few lessons and some practice in between my newly learned swing mechanics are paying off! I couldn’t ask for more!”

Coach A.

“We will catch up… but probably later in the season. Today… the ball drew beautifully on at least 6-7 tee boxes with the driver, 3 wood on one and a 3 hybrid on one…”


“Bill’s a phenomenal club fitter with a full service shop to fit loft and lie, flex and length. I’ve worked with Bill for at least three years and can tell you undoubtedly he’s the best.”

Tom D.

“Loving my new Cobra driver. Had 2 drives over 300 yds yesterday. Game is gradually improving.”


“Love this guy. I had an okay swing but definitely had some serious problems. After just two lessons I’m just loving golf. Highly recommend this Bill..”

Joshua J.

“Bill fitted me for my new irons in July 2019, and I have dropped 3 strokes based on his great fitting session w/his knowledge of fitting and the Cool Clubs brand. If there is anyone in need of getting new clubs and/or fitting, I would seek his academy and expertise.”

Chris G.

“I have been working with Bill for several years he is an expert club fitter and teaching pro. During the fitting process he basically gives you a lesson to fine tune your swing to get the best results which for me has translated into better scores and a much more consistent overall game. I highly recommend!”

Patrick F.

“Bill is thorough in his approach to coach and fitting. He’s not simply out to sell you the most expensive clubs on the market like some of the other fitters in the Atlanta area.”

Kevin F.

“Thanks Bill! I went out and hit balls after our lesson yesterday… Definitely a big improvement. I was hitting my driver and hybrid unbelievably better! Still some hooks and high rights – but I’ll keep working on this move. Looking forward to working with you more!”


“Had a lengthy practice session today and had great success with feeling like my left elbow was stuck in my stomach at address – felt like left arm stayed on chest the whole way back and was able to release to powerfully – thoughts ?”


“Wow, I’m really glad I found this facility. Bill really knows his stuff.  I think he may be a mad scientist; they have a lot of technology to work with and he is very detail oriented. ”

David K.

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