For years I have heard and endured the phrase “It’s the Indian, not the arrow!”.  I think we have almost put that myth to rest.  Equipment Affects Motion period!  No matter at what level of golfer that you are, the equipment can have a profound affect on where the ball goes.  That does not mean it is always better, but just different.  The science and the art of fitting golf clubs is trying to match up all of the possible combinations of club Length, Flex, Weight, Lie Angle, Loft, Head Design and Set Makeup to help the golfer hit either less bad shots, or more good shots, depending on your own point of view.  Make no mistake, while you still have to swing the club, certain specifications can make it a little easier!

One of the most common mistakes that I see, is from the senior golfers.  They have lost some speed, but a lot of seniors still have good strength in their hands and arms.  This allows them to still have decent speed and load through the ball, just not as much as they used to have.  The ball doesn’t know how old you are, just how fast you can move the club.  So, then what happens is that the senior player goes into a golf shop and they purchase a senior flex club based on age.  The weight, flex and torque of these are such that most seniors will tend to hit these senior flex clubs on the toe and flare to the right assuming a right-hand player.  These golfers will blame themselves, not the club and then try to manipulate the club to go straighter and proceed to destroy their swings.  This is just one example of how the club can negatively affect the golfer. Eventually, if this isn’t discovered they unfortunately decide to quit playing.

The takeaway here is try not to fall into the thought process that the club cannot be the problem.  As I have mentioned before, you still have to move the club properly, but sometimes the right club CAN help make a big difference!